Documentation, Prototyping, Inspection & Testing Workbench Tool for Svelte built with SvelteKit that lets you rapidly build, document, and test components. Inspired by Svench and [others].


  • File-based sidebar tree structure, with optional prefixed numbers to adjust ordering of your docs
  • Iframe isolation for easy media query testing
  • Variants and Compositions load via SSR first and then are hydrated client-side just like a SvelteKit app
  • Uses markdown to enable easy documenation as you build
  • Quickly create and compare numerous variants of a component via an array of typesafe prop objects in a colocated typescript file that can also be used for testing, especially visual regression tests of your components.
  • All SvelteKit-only imports are automatically available because it runs inside your regular SvelteKit app. No need for any special mocks or compatibility hacks.
  • Build components using the same context as your main app, like i18n.
  • Foam based automatic updating wiki-links for easy linking between pages within your Kitbook that will never get out of date.

Start Building!

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